Iceland,Denmark, Norway & UK


The NATUR project is instigated as part of the European Union’s Year of Cultural Heritage and will build on the partner’s work connecting Nordic Artists with one another and the UK to creatively explore shared stories, culture and heritage. It will deliver a series of new artworks, across music, visual and performing arts to activate the archives and promote our shared culture through major festival presentations.

The first NATUR project will broadly interrogate 7 themes through the archives of each country that shaped and continue to forge a shared Northern identity - folklore and language, merchants, fisheries, industrialisation, conflict, oil, and women's history. Establishing the NATUR network through both narrative and working partnerships it will enable archives to more efficiently work with creative industries and support communities in accessing and creating international identities from the shared heritage of five deeply connected countries. By enabling artists from each country to undertake residencies with overseas partners it will trace the stories that fall between the gaps where one set of archives, memories and tales ends and another, over the water, begins.

Einkofi Productions is thrilled to be a partner in this collaborative project and will be both hosting artist as well as sending Icelandic artist to partnering countries. More details about project and the residencies here