Dandelion Symphony

HANDMADE SOUNDS: Ragnhildur Gísladóttir

Dandelion Symphony is the brain child of Icelandic Musician and composer Ragga Gisla and was a starting point to the Nordic Council supported Handmade Sound Project.  Einkofi Productions originally developed the funding strategy to get the piece to fruition and it was premiered at the critically acclaimed North AtlanticFlux Music Festival in Spring 2017, consisting of an ensemble of seven musician and singers.  It was also recorded for BBC Radio 3 programme Late Junction and broadcasted a week after it premiered in Hull.  

The Dandelion Symphony consists of 4 movements composed by Ragga Gisla as she records her own performance on dandelions. Each instrument is allowed to keep its unaltered, original characteristics, and the pitch is not changed either. The only effect on the sounds are different reverbs, or recordings of environmental or regional sounds, either indoors or outdoors.