Agusta Thorarinsdottir - Creative Producer


creative producer specializing in international public arts, original commissions, and production delivery. 

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SPECTRA Aberdeen:
Nordic Curator/Producer

SPECTRA Aberdeen:
Nordic Curator/Producer

ENLIGHTEN Manchester (Pilot):
Production & Touring Manager

Collaborative Compositions:
Halldor Smarason and Psappha / Production Manager

Reykjavik Winter Light Festival: 
Ulf Pedersen /
Production Coordinator

Collaborative Compositions:
Jack White and Kammerkor Sudurlands / Curator/Producer


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Kew Gardens: 
Explorer Encampment / 
Designer & Curator

Jason Hackenwerth:
Dance of the Honey Bee / 
Project Manager

Kew Gardens: 
Mayan Magic Family Easter Festival / Project Manager

Liverpool Biennial:
North Atlantic Pavilion / 
Project Manager

The Modern Lesbian: 
Rachel Adams / Curator


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I am a creative producer specializing in international public arts programmes, original commissions, arts strategy and sustainable production delivery.

I plan, develop, deliver, manage and market major arts commissions, festival, exhibitions and events incorporating meaningful education and outreach with high quality creative realisation. My focus is on the emergent experience economy and maximizing the impact of creative practice and technologies to create place from space, working inside and outside the gallery.

I have successfully delivered projects across the UK, Europe and the Nordic Region, working with municipal, commercial and governmental agencies alongside the communities where the works are curated, created and delivered. 

My work explores new collaborations with a focus on production and legacy over mere spectacle. I regularly develop large scale projects for major institutions and establishments taking projects from concept through to delivery. I specialise in supporting artists to realise their vision, maintain process and procedure for effective and safe project management and always leave meaningful legacy for all partners involved.