Agusta Thorarinsdottir - Creative Producer

Handmade Sounds: Project Director

Tickets for the final Handmade Sounds event at Mengi in Reykjavik on 17th December 2017 are now available from

Innovation in music and the Nordic region go hand in hand - with many musicians applauded internationally for their use of unique instrumentation in their work contributing to a body of works that are creating a sound world expressed through the technologies of the 21st century. This project brings together a Nordic network of artists with their UK counterparts seeing composers and performers working with made instruments, both traditional and electronic, across a broad spectrum of genres to deliver a series of residencies, performances and a number of pan-Nordic collaborative experiments.

The project will bring together leading creators of experimental musical instruments with composers and performers from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and the UK to create a network of musicians that showcases and explores the ever growing influence of the handcrafted in sonic arts and music through a series of new productions, workshops and high- profile international performances. Launching at UK city of Culture Hull2017 the project will then go on for iterations in Aarhus and Reykjavik throughout the year.

Artists include: Ragga Gisladottir, Nordic Affect, Pinquins, Eyvind Gulbrandsen & The Royal Northern College of Music, Halldór Eldjárn, Jobina Tinnemans & Jacob Tekeila with the Hull Choir, Equis, Sebastian Edin, Rosyan, Tronhjem, Alex Mørch & Jez Riley french. 

Supported by Nordic Culture Point and Curated Place

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